Estimate the cost of a voice over

Obtain a custom estimate for the language(s) you need

For your voice over estimate, we send you a quote within 15 minutes along with a selection of voice actors. Because each project is unique, this customized quote is in line with your specific needs. If this is your first time requesting a voice over, you can also contact us by phone or download our guide to order a voice over.


The cost of a voice over

The cost of a voice over project relies on many criteria. First of of all, the voice talent, obviously. Her/his experience, the time and work needed to record your text... Secondly, the broadcast rights, which depend on the medias your project is meant for (Internet, TV, Radio…). Here at Presta Voice, we estimate all of this for free so you can make your choice according to your budget.

The cost of a Voice Talent

Some voice talents have a stonger reputation than others in the voice over industry. Their pricing also depends on their native language, their experience and their vocal abilities. The more uncommon the profile is, the more expensive the talent.

Effective Copyrighting

Broadcasting rights

This cost depends on the audience likeky to be reached by your project. For instance, a video for internal use in a small company will not have the same reach as a TV add broadcast on a national channel, so the cost will differ too.