Our Voice Over Services


Voice Over Audition

No matter the language, find the right voice for your project.

Find just the right voice

The voice over is a key component of your sound identity. Each voice has its own personality, its own style, its own image. Having such a wide choice will allow you to find a voice over that fits your project.

Free Audition

We send you for free an audition based on your selection criteria. This way, if that pre-selection does not suit you, there is no obligation on your side.

Our relationship with voice actors

We know well our voice actors. Because they are trustworthy, they allows us to avoid bad surprises!

Script translation

We can eventually take the translation of your scripts in charge. Your texts will be translated and double checked by a native reader. This way we make sure to have good basis before recording.


Voice Over Recording

The right choice of voice over, combined to a professional sound take.

HD recordings

To record a professional voice over, you need professional equipment. It is not just the microphone, but also the pre-amp, the sound card and the acoustic environment of the studio that make the quality of our sound takes.

Free estimate in 15 minutes

We send you a quote for free in 15 minutes. This service is not charged because we don't want this step to prevent you from launching your project. Of course once the quote received, there is no obligation on your side.

Retakes included

Your satisfaction is our priority! That is why we will send 2 to 3 different versions to let you a choice. If the outcome does not suit you, we also offer a retake, without additional fees.


Editing and

Professional editing and mastering, adapted to the media of your project.

Video synchronisation

Your video requires a specific timing? This is no problem, we will record the voice according to your indications. This way, you can easily join the audio file to the video.

Optimum Quality

Even if post-production work relies on a good sound take, it is the way to bring it to its full potential. For instance, mouthclicks and breaths will be cleaned out to make you audio file really flawless.

Media channel

Our sound engineers are also skilled for audio mastering, so they can adapt your audio files to the media support your project is meant for (TV, radio, smartphone application...).


We can also take in charge the subtitles of your video. If needed, we manage the translation and the subtitle editing into your videos.