French Voice Overs


Estelle is an experienced voice talent who worked for the most prestigious brands, such as Google or L’Oréal. Her voice is convincing, clear and soft too.


Thomas offers you young and confident voice. At ease with smiling and dynamic tones, he knows how to make all kinds of projects vibrant.


Catherine has a deep and recognizable voice. This strong vocal identity is perfect to make your project sound unique, or to play mysterious characters.

French is one of the most spoken languages in the world. The sixth to be precise, ranked by number of speakers, native or not. French obviously comes from France but it is an official language in many other countries, in Europe, in North America or in Africa…

Because of the diversity of the French-speaking world, this page is exclusively dedicated to our voice overs from France. Indeed, French as it is spoken in France is understood in most French-speaking countries. Even if there are various accents in France, such as in Paris or in Marseille, it remains close to a standard French. This specific accent is the one that will be used in most international contexts. It can be heard as the official language of the Olympics for instance or as one of the six languages used by UNO.

Most of time, French will come with the image of France and what it represents in the eyes of other cultures, from the French Revolution to things like baguettes and croissants... France is also famous for cinema and other arts: French can sometimes be called « la langue de Molière », the famous dramatic author. This makes even more sens for our French native speaker actors. You can always count on the voice talents we have selected for a flawless French, but also for a custom interpretation of your project!