Italian Voice Overs


Lara’s voice can easily switch age, from 20 to 60 years old! The perfect voice to play several different characters, for various projects or just to be sure to reach the right tone for your project.


Francesco has the sober and neutral voice you need for your projects requiring a straight tone, such as e-learning , IVR or corporate movies. Count on him as well for natural and conversational projects.


Giovanni has a deep voice which allows him to reach a confident and convincing tone or a serious, sober one. It can also get sensual or emotional, depending on what your projects requires.

Italian is a relatively rare language at a worldwide scale, mostly spoken in Italy. Nevertheless, it remains key in Europe, thanks to a strong national identity, as part of the European cultural diversity. Therefore, Italian is inevitably associated with Italy and all it represents in the eyes of foreign cultures, in the Western world or beyond.

But the Italian identity is, as often, more complex and divers when you look at it from the inside. Italy is actually composed of 20 different regions, including the islands of Sardinia and Sicilia, all of which used to have their own specific dialect. Tuscany is one of these regions, where are the cities of Siena, Pisa and Florence, and Tuscan happens to be the dialect that spread through the rest of Italy to become the current national language.

Nowadays, no matter where in Italy a voice actor is from, you can expect a standard accent and pronunciation that any Italian-speaker will understand. For that reason, we offer you to find the Italian native speaker you need for voice over. Our selection ensures not only a flawless Italian, but also an interpretation that fits your project. We also ensure you always get professional sound quality as soon as possible.